Web Analytics Services

What is Web Analytics ?

We collect, compile, analyze online data (not only your website traffic, but also general trends, your competitor set or general industry information) then correlate them with your consumer's behavior, your existing sales and marketing strategies, your turn over figures before making recommendations for your next moves.

Evaluate your website's audience and compare it with your competitors or business partner's results. Understand traffic sources and if the audience is coming from direct, referral, search, social or paid sources. Find out the desktop vs mobile traffic ratio or compare web's performances depending on regions.

Find the best keywords for your SEO. Understand which keywords for your target audience and your competitors are using for their queries. Track which one are mostly used and with what they are associated.

Monitor your competitor's display ads. Analyze other advertisers and gain insights into their Google Display Network strategies. Are your competitors actively advertising their businesses? Explore different aspects of their campaigns and discover where they are the most active in and which markets they are concentrating on.

Incoming links are not only a factor determining the popularity and credibility of your website, it also tells you which type of businesses are interested and interacting, indirectly, with your brand and products, as well as with your competition. Acquire this visibility to understand deeper your market concerns and industry expectations.

- Observe how your competitors invested in social media, paid advertising or SEO.

- Identify your competitors’ business partners, affiliate programs, and most successful markets.

- Understand if your are exposed to your competitor's audience and how attractive your current strategy is compared to them.

- Evaluate your marketing activities, media placements, partnership's results and most popular services.

- Understand if you need to target desktop, tablet or mobile users

- Which ad format are commonly used in your industry and work best

- Get inspiration for your ads headlines, sub headlines, images, design or call to action

- Decide right away where your display ads’ impressions should be located

- Understand your target audience main concerns when it comes to specific topics.

- Correlate your web strategy and products type relevance with what the market is actually looking for.

- Get a real visibility on your competitor's marketing focus.

- Decide what are the best keywords for your next AdWords or Bing Ads campaign.